Atmospheric pollution and forest ecosystems

  • J. A. Pardos Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid
Keywords: atmospheric pollution, acidic rain, anatomical and physiological parameters, mycorrhiza, genetic resources, spanish forests


Atmospheric pollution is referred as a component of global change. The role of the pollutants (nitrates and sulphates, ozone, fluorures, PAN, heavy metals) mainly involved in the decay of forests are dealt with from cell to ecosystem level. The effects of contamination on the relationships of trees with pests and fungi, specially regarding mycorrhizal simbiosis, are considered. Pollution as a danger for tree genetic resources and possible actions to overcome its effects are discussed. It is aluded to the establishment of a european network for monitoring the disturbances in forest ecosystems with special mention to the spanish share. A reference to other studies carried in Spain regarding the effects of industrial pollution in forests are dealt with. The overview is concluded with some coments on the interaction between pollution and climate change.


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Pardos, J. A. (2006). Atmospheric pollution and forest ecosystems. Forest Systems, 15(S1), S55-S70.
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