Focus and Scope

Forest Systems is an international and peer-reviewed journal with free fees for authors. Forest Systems aims to integrate multidisciplinary and multi-scale research with forest management in complex systems subjected to diverse social and ecological background, in particular those that provide a variety of wood and non-wood products and ecosystem services in regions of Mediterranean climate. Papers that bring together two or more disciplines, forest products and services, interactions between ecological factors and species are given preference in Forest Systems. Manuscripts related to climate change effects on forest dynamics, resilience and vulnerability are welcome. Papers that highlight implications of forests products and services on bioeconomy are also within the scope of this journal.

Articles on local research will only be publishable if they show methodological innovation or results that can be relevant to other areas. Descriptive bibliometric studies are not accepted.

Forest Systems covers a broad range of subjects dealing with forest ecosystems and forestry including (in alphabetic order):

  • Agroforestry
  • Biodiversity and conservation (including plants and animals)
  • Biometry, silviculture and forest management
  • Dendroecology and paleoecology
  • Ecology and forest dynamics
  • Ecophysiology
  • Genetics (including breeding) and biotechnology
  • Pathology, biotic interactions and pests
  • Policy and economics
  • Remote sensing and landscape
  • Science and technology of forest products: wood, cellulose and non-wood products (including new applications or capabilities of lignocellulosic material and biorefineries)
  • Soils, hydrology and restoration
  • Wildfires, fire ecology and management

Authors are asked to carefully follow the guidelines concerning manuscript preparation and to use the article templates available for SUBMISSIONS (Author Guidelines) to format articles. If in doubt, authors are urged to contact the Editorial Office ( prior to manuscript submission in order to facilitate the editing process.