Genetic resource conservation of Canary «Monte Verde» forest formation

  • A. Fernández López Organismo Autónomo Parques Nacionales
  • M. Marrero Gómez Organismo Autónomo Parques Nacionales
Keywords: Genetic conservation, Canary islands, «Monteverde»


The «monteverde», from the Canary Islands, is a forest formation composed by evergreen trees and shrubs, and is associated to a high level of humidity from rainfall or mist. In this special ecosystem, according to the IUCN categories, 166 species are threatened, and 10 have deficient data. These species represent 30% of the endemic flora of the Canary Islands. The conservation of the species is linked to the maintenance of the whole forest system. In this paper, the main threats to the “monteverde” are analysed: reduction of the habitat, fragmentation, cattle pressure and introduction of exotic species. The Canary National Parks have implemented a programme based on the protection of specific taxa or populations, by means of the creation of protected areas. The first results, and a complete description of the programme is presented.


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Fernández López, A., & Marrero Gómez, M. (2000). Genetic resource conservation of Canary «Monte Verde» forest formation. Forest Systems, 9(4), 185-208.
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