Characterisation of Populus alba L. by isozymes

  • N. Alba CIFOR-INIA
  • D. Agúndez CIFOR-INIA
Keywords: Populus alba, Isozymes, Segregation


A characterisation of Populus alba L by isozymes has been carried out. Eight isoenzymatic systems were analysed: ADH, MDH, GOT, LAP, PGM, PGI, SKDH, and IDH; all of them showing polymorphic loci. A total of 18 loci, 12 of them polymorphic, and 33 alleles were identified. Several half-sib and full-sib families from controlled crosses have been analysed in order to establish the genetic interpretation of the loci. Mendelian segregation was tested in controlled crosses families by Chi-square test (goodness fit) for five loci: Adh-2, Got-1, Got-2, Pgi-2 and Mdh-3. Segregation distortion was observed in Got-1, Got-2 and Pgi-2 in several families; in this cases pool of families was anlysed. Genetic control was determined in half-sib families for: Adh-2, Got-1, Got-2, Mdh-1, Mdh-3, Pgm-2 and Skdh; significant differences from the mendelian segregation were not found in this case. A putative asignation of loci and alleles was infered in LAP and IDH. This study identify a total of 18 loci, as an useful tool for studying diversity in Populus alba.


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Alba, N., & Agúndez, D. (2000). Characterisation of Populus alba L. by isozymes. Forest Systems, 9(2), 305-315.
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