Populus genus for the biomass production for energy use: a review

  • H. Sixto INIA. Madrid
  • M. J. Hernandez INIA. Madrid
  • M. Barrio Universidad de Oviedo. Oviedo
  • J. Carrasco CIEMAT. Madrid
  • I. Cañellas INIA. Madrid
Keywords: biomass, energy crops, poplar, SRF


Much attention is currently focused on biomass production as one possible alternative energy source because of the need to increase the amount of energy produced in Spain from renewable energy sources. Amongst the different types of biomass available, those crops which are specifically designed for the purpose, the so-called «energy crops», allow us not only to plan the production of this resource but also to provide a viable alternative for agricultural land in areas where traditional crops are gradually being abandoned. The objective of this study is to revise the current knowledge base in relation to Populus spp.; a woody crop with great potential for this purpose which can be grown at high densities in short rotation coppices. Its suitability for the production of energy producing biomass will be assessed, focusing in particular on the base material to be employed, the plantation design and the cultural treatments to be applied.


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Sixto, H., Hernandez, M. J., Barrio, M., Carrasco, J., & Cañellas, I. (2007). Populus genus for the biomass production for energy use: a review. Forest Systems, 16(3), 277-294. https://doi.org/10.5424/srf/2007163-01016
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