Transformation models from une venaged to unevenaged stands

  • J. Mª. González Molina Universidad de León
Keywords: Silviculture, Uneven-aged stands, Transformation, Pinus nigra


In most cases uneven-aged stands in Spain do not match the optimal distribution curves, being necessary to transform them during the first silvicultural treatments. Those transformation processes are frequently simplified just comparing the actual distribution with the optimal one and therefore extracting for each diameter class the surplus. Depending of the initial situation four different transformation cases are diferentiated based in plot data: low volumed, high volumed, standard and strong desequilibrated stands. The interventions criteria for each case are defined depending of the initial situation. In all cases it is suggested to transform the stands in several silvicultural interventions, in order to maintain a minimum of extracted volume to ensure the rentability and to avoid over-cuttings.


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González Molina, J. M. (2000). Transformation models from une venaged to unevenaged stands. Forest Systems, 9(2), 237-252.
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