Resource communication: New forestry tools for natural beech forests in northwestern Spain

Keywords: Fagus sylvatica, yield tables, SDMDs, biomass


Aim of study: Although beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) forests in north-western Spain constitute c.a. 40% of the total area occupied by the species in the whole country, no growth or yield studies have been carried out regarding these forests. The specific objective of this study was to elaborate yield tables and stand density management diagrams for the beech forests.

Area of study: Asturias and León provinces (NW Spain).

Material and methods: Sample plots (n=112) were established in natural beech forests, and 60 dominant trees were felled for sampling. The Asturias Government Forest Service provided data on another 351 felled trees. Yield tables and stand density management diagrams (SDMDs) were elaborated to estimate tree volume and biomass in the study area for the first time.

Main results: These forests are more productive than expected. Although they are currently not managed for forestry purposes, they could be managed again in the future and the tools are now available for this purpose.

Research highlights: The study generates new user-friendly tools to manage beech forests in northwestern Spain. These tools will also enable simulations to be conducted to determine the potential carbon storage or the capacity of the stands to sequester atmospheric carbon.


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